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July 7, 2012
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Dania - SixFold by Inu-Nee Dania - SixFold by Inu-Nee

:bulletred:Character Information:bulletred:

:pointr:Name: Dania Zita

:pointr:Alias: D, Dany, DZ

:pointr:Gender: Female

:pointr:Age: 22

:pointr:Title: Trainer

:pointr:Height: 4'0''

:pointr:Weight: 120 lbs

:pointr:Alliance: Corus


D can be relly tricky with this, Since she has another personality it makes it hard to describe. Her sweet side, is innocent caring and well mannered. If anyone needs anything she be the first one to help out. Stubborn and pouty at times but shes happy and full of life. When moments comes serious and/or hard her other personality kicks in, in which is not so nice. She is the complete oppisite of the sweet Dania and more of a bad mouth, a mystery and quite challenging. She does the battles and trains her pokemon, the only reason why she wins and they are strong.

:pokeball:Diana's Biography:

D was born into a wealthy family but noble, they taught her all the important things in live and learn to appreciatte every lil thing. Thou she couldnt help it but to explore. she dint have much friends...any actually so thats how she developed multiple personalities but one stuck to her more than the rest. When she was lil she found pupitar and fell in love with pokemon. She began battling but lost all the time and this made her other personality act up. After a couple of years it became clear. it was like having 2 souls in one body, 2 completely different beings at work.
During her journey, she found two pkmn that decided to stick by her, she was more than happy to have them. they all all her logo on them. Letting everyone know that they have an owner. To this day she travels and battles, loving every minute of it, but whats to come next we shall see.


The Tyranitar, he has been with D since shes been very young. Since he was a pupitar he became attached to her and as her evolved and grew more he became protective and possesive of her. Being her strongest pkmn and the smartest one as well. Akio is a mystery thou, he leaves you guessing but one thing is for sure he NEVER leaves dania's side.


Met D when he just evolved into a combusken, he still dint know how to handle his powers so as soon as he saw Dania walk by he attacked her, Akio was there to bring him down with ease, Dania smiled at this pkmn and decided to help this combusken, after some time she came to realize that this pkmn was extremely affectionate. He huged her constantly and slept cuddled up with her, she dint mind at all so when he evolved it was kinda hard for him to cuddle to her so now he picks her up and lets her cuddle to him.


This Skarmory is a mayor trickster. The day he met Dania he was so interested on her that he decided to make her laugh and so he did and he liked her laugh so much that he stayed with her. Thou he dint really like the pkball much so he remind flying around but near where she was. He loved getting Akio mad thou, the beating he got was worth it. To Hiro he just like making fun of the fact that he like to cuddle but Eiji has in cuddeling moments too just doesnt show them.


I had so much fun with this :3
i cant wait to see what happens YAY ^w^
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Zenerzec Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Student General Artist
For some reason, when I look at her, I always think she has a heterochromia.
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She looks adorable!
Inu-Nee Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012   Digital Artist
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couldhavebeenking Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012
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